Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's Your Legacy?

"It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what you've given back." — Denzel Washington

                               Do you remember how important it was to you to get your yearbook signed back in high school?  We all wanted those blank pages filled up with memories from our friends.  We wanted to see that we had made a mark in others lives in those fast four years.
                              What about the mark we leave during the rest of our lives, the majority of our years?  You will be remembered most by how you treated people, more than what you said or did.  Maybe that's why God commands us to 'love one another' because it matters most in a purpose driven life for Christ.
                             When I think of my own funeral, I would like all the attendees to have their own special 'I remember when' moment in their minds.  My life accomplishments are more my own memories but a legacy is more about the impact that one has in other's lives.  Recently, I've been blessed by others telling me how my life has encouraged or strengthened their lives..... AND THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.  


  1. Indeed, that's what its all about,Angie, and oh, what an impact you have made in my life. It would be my prayer that when I leave this world, others will be able to say that I have left an eternal mark in their lives. Thank you for that indelible mark that you have left in mine.

  2. you have certainly made a mark in my life. Sometimes when I look at you, you seem so frail that a gust of wind could blow you away. But when I look at the determination in your eyes and hear in your words how much goodness and enjoyment you derive from life and from your relationship with God, I am just blown away. So when it comes to standing strong when the winds of life blow, you have me beaten by a mile. And I'm grateful to know you; grateful to learn from you.

  3. Angie, sometimes I wish that this machine I'm holding had never been invented, because I'm finding out things about people that I didn't want to know, but then there's things that I wouldn't have known about you that I hold very dear. You are one of the top people in my life that has been the most inspirational. You don't know how very special you really are. I love you dearly! Aunt Lou

  4. From the "Hokie Pokie" song you referred to above, I am so glad the you have your "whole body In" in your Christian walk with Jesus. That will be you Legacy and others may see that in you today, in your writings and will remember you for your faith for eternity. Love you .............. Dad