Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best Listener


                  Sometimes we just don't want to share our thoughts with others.  It might seem trivial, or like gossip, or just can't be put into words.  Whatever troubles us is of concern to God, regardless of no one else caring.  God is our safe place to vent and leave our burdens with.  'When I am cast down in spirit and soul, He whispers sweet peace to me.''
                  When our words fail us, our hearts can still be heard.  Often our eyes are the windows to our souls.  People often tell me they can see how I feel in my eyes without me saying a word.  God has an even better connection with us than that.  Jesus felt burdens just like we do and yet said 'Forgive them, for they know not what they do.'
                  Prayer from a sincere heart is the best thing you can do for others and yourself.


  1. Thanks Angie. I think I needed this. Love you!


  2. Wise words. Mom

  3. Isn't it sad that we even need a reminder when its the God of the universe who is waiting to hear from us? Thanks for the reminder.