Thursday, November 20, 2014

Talk About


                   I think it's important to be transparent, but also not to be single minded.  I am not defined by my illness so when that is all someone wants to talk to me about, I see that as very short-sighted. We all have burdens to bear, but I like to focus more on the overcoming part of life.
                   When we talk about our burdens too much, our focus is more on ourselves and our limits.  When we talk about our blessings, we show others the power, faithfulness and limitlessness of God in our lives.  Our attitude and gratitude is the difference in defining anything as a blessing or a burden.
                  Yes, our struggles are a part of our stories but God gives us a new song to sing.  A bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life.  God grants new mercies everyday.  'There are no rainbows without the rain.'


  1. So true. Thank you Angie!


  2. You are a real encourager. If someone wants to know you they need to read your blog, you show so much strength and a real witness for Christ.
    Love you...........Dad

  3. I loved this blog! I don't think any of us can or will ever sing God's praises enough while here on this earth. I wish I could remember what you have said in this blog all the time. "Our attitude and gratitude is what makes all the difference"--yes indeed. Mom