Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dale's Retirement Ceremony

Dale and Angie

My parents, Bobbie and Wayne 

Dale, Judy, Angie, Jerry

Julia and Angie

The sign Beth made for me to give Dale
with the verse and design I picked out

The 62nd squadron patch and coin
that Dale gave to me during the ceremony

Phillip and many others from FBF came

Stacey and Angie 

                      Friday was November 21st  and the day Dale retired with 21 years of service in the Air Force.  The ceremony was both formal and personal in it's presentation.  It honored both Dale and God in all of the vast accomplishments that transpired during his journey.  The message to his son was memorable and worth sharing.......''Live a life with gratitude, Live a life that guards and protects your reputation because it is as valuable as your life, and Fear and obey God always.''


  1. Looks like a nice tribute; you did well.

  2. Wonderful pics and congrats to Dale. We thank him for all his service to us and our country. Angie, is Dale your brother or how do you know him?
    Love you and have a blessed Sunday.