Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Final Start

Amen!! Glory Hallelujah!!

        ''Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what tomorrow will bring.''  We often make plans for the near future, but are we sure of our eternal plans?  If you don't have the blessed assurance that Jesus is yours, then death has not lost it's sting and fear awaits you at the judgement seat.
         Death is part of life, even if it's not a topic people like to discuss.  Today, people died that are younger than you, the same age as you, and that are older than you.  No one escapes this guarantee, unless the Lord comes back before you're called Home.
        Some people may think this is a grim, sad topic today but for believers it is not.  It is a waiting game until the time when all things will make sense.  My doctor has said that I have a strong will to live and I do.  I also know that when God stops my heart one day that I will not fight it.  I will push this body with all my might to the end but my soul is secured, surrendered and saved by grace for an eternity with the Lord.


  1. Another good blog. A blog so many people need to read, understand and then let the Lord be Lord of their life. Life on earth is short and getting shorter every day but eternity is so very much more. Why do people just live for today and a few worldly pleasures; when they are missing so much both now and for eternity. Mom

  2. I tried to share this on FB but it wouldn't let me. Will keep on trying... LY

  3. AMEN. I am ready for that grand and wonderful day when I can see my savior!
    debra d.