Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trust in Who?

My ♥? He is that❣

              In God alone do I trust, but I do get attached to people who have helped me fight my battles. So I'm feeling down about losing a part of my army of angels around me, not in death but just as a part of life's changes.
             Today was a reminder that I am dependent on God alone and that His work is done thru different people at different times.  I got the devastating news today that my doctor of the past 13 years is taking on a new job and cannot be my physician if I were in the hospital.  Yes this has rocked my world into tears.  I cannot let fear of the unknown upset me so, because God knows what lies ahead and He has control of it.
            Yes I can face all of my tomorrows because I know Who holds my hand.  May my doubts be overwhelmed by His grace and mercy as He leads me along the right path.


  1. When God shuts one door he opens another, trust in Him and Him alone.
    We do get attached to certain people in out daily walk, and He has sent someone new to you and you will brighten their life and bring Glory to God in the process. Embrace the change. Dad

  2. Angie, I will also join you in prayer. God is able to raise up another doctor to take his place for there is nothing to hard for Him to do. Love, grace

  3. Angie i am so sorry! He must be the best doctor ever! I have a doctor like that, he delivered my last 7 and I feel like he knows everything about me. If he retired i would think that no one else could know me like him. Wow, so i cannot even imagine how scared you must be. But like you said God IS in control of all these things and He knows you better than anyone. He Alone. We will all be praying with you!
    susan f.

  4. A sad situation Angie, but you have a beautiful attitude. Sometimes, change is good. Maybe God is sending another doctor to replace him that knows of a possible cure for your disease. Let's think that way.
    bonnie d.

  5. I'm sure Dr K has trained his replacement well and God will guide them in your care.
    debbie d.