Friday, May 30, 2014

Foto Friday

Jamey Johnson at Riverfest
Hank Williams Jr on screen at Riverfest

Riverfest ladies
Jack in his favorite chair

Squash..... the week of rain was
good for the garden
Tiger pondering her days
when the bench was a regular
sitting spot of hers

Mica and Angie with our watchful protector, Jason,
at Riverfest

Our rainy day art project

Emma's rescued fledgling robin...
they hand feed her and trade
whistle calls


  1. lots of good pictures, thanks for sharing. Love the new frogs, what a difference. Dad

  2. Looks like a fun week... Amazing that you got a cat, a dog, and a bird to pose. Next week, how about trying for all three in the same shot? :) (It would be worth money...ha!)

  3. What a fun group of pictures this week! And what a menagerie--a cat, a bird, a dog, and a frog.....

  4. Thank you for the nice pictures Angie! Have a good weekend.