Sunday, February 23, 2014


     Your outlook on life can only be improved by the Great Physician.  When the Holy Spirit is in your life, you will see past yourself and see the need to 'love one another.'
      I am blessed with great eyesight but my vision is really based upon my faith in what is yet unseen.  If you're still holding onto your rose colored glasses, then I encourage you to really see who you are as a sinner and see your need for a Savior.
     When we see things through Christ's perspective, our choices are not based on earthly influences.  The world's views will change but the Bible's instructions never will.
     With biblical glasses to see through, your outlook on this life and your eternity should be filled with hope, joy, love and His promises.  'My future is so bright, I gota wear shades.'


  1. I love it! Wonderful analogies and great truth.

  2. Study I'm doing with the girls talks about "world-view glasses". This goes right along with that. How we see the world depends on what lens we are looking through.