Monday, February 24, 2014

More Winter


       Oh how I loved the little taste of spring weather that we got last week.  Old man winter is still alive and well so his return this week is not a big surprise.
      This caption definitely illustrates one thought of mine on winter.  I hate being bundled up because I can't move.  Most people don't consider the weight of layered clothing but just how cute it looks.  I think 'weight' of clothing first dawned on me in junior high.  I wanted a cool leather school coat because everyone seemed to have one.  Well I got one and I hated to wear it.  It weighed probably half as much as I did.  Which is worse.. too cold to move or too weighted down to move?  So if you see me without a coat, I'm risking the former over the latter.
     So there is a time for every season and I'm just glad we're on the tailend of this winter season.


  1. This post reminded me of the burden of sin, how the layers of sin in our lives encumber us. Since eternal spring is only a heartbeat away, how important it is to throw off those encumbrances and to "spring" into action for our Lord. (It's not often that I can take one of your posts and make my own spiritual application from it. You do it so well that I don't need to. Thanks for the opportunity, Angie!) Love you.

  2. This is so funny to me. I had a leather coat that was so heavy it gave me a headache to wear it. I was so glad to finally feel like I could get rid of that thing after several years. Yah, I'm ready for some warm weather!