Friday, February 7, 2014

Foto Friday

This will be my new theme for Fridays.  It will be a collection of pictures from the week or just ones I wanted to share.


Bird feeder outside my window

Before Craft project

After Craft project

Scoopdog ice cream treat




  1. Im so glad you decided to do this I love your pictures. Your babies look like they are saying "when are you going to get off of that thing and come play with me-isn't that much more important?" And the art project is a wonderful idea, i love it! Thanks angie!
    susan f.

  2. That sounds good to me. I always love it when you include pics. I am impressed with your craft project and love the animals. You look so pretty too. Love ya, Marie

  3. Looks like you are surrounded by lots of love. Such a peaceful and happy environment. Our cat will be 18 in two weeks. She lays on Clay's cable box all day...she likes the warmth.
    bonnie d.

  4. Your animals look so contended. I bet you've spoiled them rotten. I guess if I didn't love to be by myself in a sweet relationship with my precious Lord Jesus, I'd go nuts! I've been out of this house one time in 2 weeks and that was to go to Walgreen's to see if they had a pillow that would help my neck quit hurting. They didn't, but it did get me out of the house. The snow is beautiful, but I'm ready for spring. Love to you and your family, grace

  5. The cats are great but I'm still in love with Jack...

  6. Love your Foto Fridays! And love you, T.