Thursday, February 6, 2014


Proverbs 18:2

        Hmm, I think we should all read this verse three times and really put some thought into it.  Why?  Because we've all been that fool at one time or another.  'I don't want to hear it, I've got my mind made up.'  Ever thought or said those words?
      'All men are subject to this disease, and the conflict between wisdom and the heart is the crux between a wise man and a fool, truth and lies, life and death. A fool does not want to listen; he wants to talk. He does not want instruction; he wants expression. He does not want to learn; he wants to teach. And his depraved heart will turn him away from truth and wisdom to take him down the path to hell, vainly talking about his ideas all the way.'
      'Moral absolutes are gone; truth has vanished (Ps 12:1-2; Is 59:12-15; Hos 4:1-2). Situational ethics and personal preferences rule – do whatever you want; just be honest with your own heart; do not criticize others for their thoughts, because we are all entitled to our own opinions; learn to value your thoughts.'  God has given us the Bible to guide us because our thoughts are not His.  We cannot follow the ways of the world or the culture we live in.  Jeremiah 17;9  ''The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?''
       Pray more, think less.  Test your thoughts against the Word and hopefully a clean heart will be created in you.


  1. You are stepping on my toes. Dad

  2. It makes me think of the Ken Ham debate. I respect him for his willingness to debate an evolutionist, but once a person's mind is made up against the things of God, only the Spirit of God can change it. I know Mr. Ham knew that, and he, as a wise man, was answering a fool according to his folly. I would have probably done a disservice to the kingdom of God in my inability to properly argue the case, so my mouth should have been shut. Our ignorance of things is a good reason to be silent.

  3. Are you preaching to me? Bonnie

  4. Ditto Wayne! What is that old saying? "Keep your mouth closed and appear the fool; open it and remove all doubt." Something like that! Love your last heart's desire! Love you, T.