Monday, June 24, 2013


    Today, I went to my doctor's office to get my blood checked. [It's good]  As I was getting off the elevator following the elderly lady in front of me, this other elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator tried to push my electric chair to hurry me up.  Really?  She dodged 'the look' from me because my eyes were on the chair's joystick and I was trying to keep anybody from getting run over.
    Who can relate?  Sure we often think our force can speed things along in a helpful manner.  Then after a calamity occurs, we realized we should have been patient and waited.  It's not easy to slow down or even stop for a moment in our busy worlds.  We've got things to do, places to be and people to see, right?  Is your attitude upon arrival one of peace or frustration?
    The lyrics 'when peace, like a river, attendeth my way' comes to my mind when I think about patience.  The sound of a river flowing is a soothing sound.  The flow of a river is what it is and only turbulent times rush it and cause havoc to occur.  Don't we want our lives to flow steadily like a river?
    Good things come to those who wait.  Force is not always the best course to take.  Just be patient.


  1. Oh Yes!!! I Certainly Need to Remember this!!! Thanks
    liesel r.

  2. As I have said many times before, you are so patient and do not get fustrated easily,-----because you took all of my patience, however, I have a new starter batch and let's see if it grows, SOON. Love you...Dad

  3. It seems that God allows suffering in our lives in order to give us patience. Paul said, "Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance (King James, patience)..."Romans 5
    Now I don't like trials, but I do like the outcome of them--becoming more like Christ. I see that in your life, Angie, my role model.

  4. wow - you took that better than I would have! and then used it for an example - what a girl !
    nancy h.

  5. I needed this! Thanks!


  6. Wow. I'm kinda sorry that you weren't able to give that lady The Look. I sorta think she deserved it... But you got a great blog entry out of it. Honestly, you have to watch out for us old ladies... Phil said he thinks God made older women kind of pushy to give us natural protection from young thugs... Ha!
    Well... as you can see, I'm not very spiritual tonight =/

  7. Guilty, as many times I do NOT display patience when waiting in line at the grocery store, driving in traffic, etc., etc. I try to remind myself that I am just where God wants me to be...that He may be delaying me for a very important reason. That has helped, but I still have a long way to go. Love you, T.