Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day is Done

    It's almost 8pm now, so it's kind of a late blog post.  Was your day what you wanted it to be?  Sometimes we can't rest at night because we didn't get done today all that we thought we should have.  Take note from Charlie Brown and let it go till tomorrow.
    There is only one exception to that theory and that is to never put off your decision to follow Christ.  We are not promised tomorrow and only knowing your eternal destiny will you rest with blessed assurance.... everything else can wait till another day.


  1. I agree with Charlie Brown, whats done is done and the rest can wait, even mowing the grass.

  2. Totally agree. But I can also testify that if you have trouble sleeping, 3 Benadryl will do the trick...
    Still not spiritual, but working on it ;)

  3. Good word for the day, and an encouragement to make every effort to glorify God in my day, to do the best I can with the other stuff, and then to leave it to Him in the evening. I needed to hear that.

  4. So true....you specified the one exception. Everything else can wait....even cleaning, well, especially cleaning. Good night and love you, T.