Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop or Not?

    Okay so it's Black Friday and the stores are packed with deals and people.  Am I out there in the thick of things?  No, not this year.  I've already finished most of my shopping prior to this day because of the warm weather days recently.  Also, nobody seems to be in the crowd tackling mood that you need to shop till you drop on days like these.
    Does that keep me from missing today's deals?  Heck no!  Online shopping keeps me strong through retail therapy.  If you don't think a shipping charge is worth missing the crowds, the long checkout lines, and the energy spent only to find they are out of what you wanted....then more power to you.
    As with everything in life, we can find a way to do what we want or we can find an excuse not to.  Do what makes you happy, despite the barriers.  As for me, let me shop and nobody gets hurt.  Ha!


  1. Definitely not out there....been there, done that....and too old to do it again. I will finish up on a quiet day when everyone else is at work, LOL!! I figure if I miss getting something, the Lord did not intend for me to have it. Got a LOT done yesterday staying home with Harley and getting my Christmas decorations well under way. Love days like that. Sitting by the fire this morning and waiting for my two sweet grandsons to get up and request Granny's cinnamon toast. Those kinds of things trump shopping all day long! Love you, my friend...happy holidays to you and yours....T.

  2. So did you get some good deals? I'm happy to say I missed out on the drama too:-)