Tuesday, October 2, 2012




Pray for wisdom and the help needed to continue to carry out our book production and
printing ministry.  Pray that each piece of material produced would be used for the edification
of believers or the salvation of souls.  We need more help with translation work.  Pray for
the Lord’s provision there.

Pray that the Lord would open up the door again, if it is His will, for broadcasting

the gospel message over the radio.


1.       Please pray for our kids health. Many are battling headaches, sore throats, vomiting, fever etc.
2.       Pray for our kids as they take end of semester exams this week.


Please pray as we travel to the US in mid October that the Lord would use us to share with our family in Bentonville, AR where we will spend about 4 days before heading to the Celebration at FBF.

Pray for the church here in Irapuato during our absence that the Lord would protect it and cause those in charge to grow spiritually and prepare them for future leadership.


1.        Literacy has gotten underway here in the village.  BK is teaching 3 semi-literate Glaro (2 women, one young man) on Thursday nights.  I am teaching the ‘advanced’ class which will be on Saturday and Sunday nights.  My class consists of three young men:  two former (2001) students who are needing a refresher course in not only reading, but especially writing Glaro, and Francis, who I began teaching earlier this year but who stopped coming.  There is to be a third class that I will also teach.  There are two illiterate young women interested in learning to read and write their mother tongue, but they are having trouble deciding upon a time to come and be taught.  It looks like it, too, will have to be a night.  This past Thursday BK and I and our 6 students met and got underway.  BK and his class were in my office with my kerosene lantern for light.  So that meant that my 3 students and I sat on my porch, each with a flashlight, reviewing early lessons in the primer. 
·         One of the things we’re up against, is that the Glaro under age 50 do not consider their language worth preserving.  When the younger generations are together, talking, and one of them wants to speak only in Glaro, that one is told, “Oh, speaking Glaro, that’s from the old days.”  (What’s ‘from the old days’ is reading by the light of a kerosene lantern!!!  Certainly not them speaking/preserving their mother tongue!!)  So, that, among other things, doesn’t give the majority much motivation to attend literacy classes.
·         Another thing we’re up against is that the Glaro rarely see such things, such as a literacy programs, through to completion.
·         And one more thing we’re up against is that for literacy to ‘take off’ among the Glaro – for it to become indigenized here in Beoue -- is that they have to take ownership of the literacy program.
BUT, literacy has begun!  And one very POSITIVE THING is that the main motivation for 7 out of the 8 students is that they want to learn their mother tongue because they want to be able to read God’s Word.  Six of the eight are church people, one is a Catholic, and one has no interest in religion.

2.       Please pray for Takes Off Shoes, a precious 6-year old who is dear to my heart.  We are reading through Genesis together, the Glaro translation of course!  We recently read of the woman’s listening to the snake, and the she and the man eating the fruit they were told not to eat, and the shame and hiding and fear and passing the buck that resulted because of their disobedience to God.  So, that’s where we are as of this writing.  Pray for this little one.  He is tracking and understanding.  I even had the opportunity recently to apply the woman’s listening to the snake and disobeying God to a situation in his young life the other morning, and he understood what I was saying to him.  So, thanks for your prayers for those involved in the literacy program and for Shoes!!!


1. Town square evangelism on Oct. 12th and 26th. May this become a regular ministry that the others at the church will continue while we are gone.
2. Preparations to leaving for MX (6 month trip) on Nov. 7th.


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