Thursday, June 22, 2017

What Are You Reflecting?

Proverbs 27:19
As water reflects the face,
    so one’s life reflects the heart.

          Water is like a mirror and shows us what we look like on the outside, but our lives reveal the condition of our hearts.  Does your life reflect a heart for God or for the world? Your life is a series of choices that either honors God or not.  Trust and obey...for there's no other way.
         "Though God alone knows a man’s heart and can read the secret thoughts in the inner depths of his soul, it is the outworking of those concealed attributes, which are demonstrated through words and actions, that manifests a man’s true identity to his fellow-man, and shows forth his character in his works and words. Corrupt hearts breed corruption, but sanctified ones exhibits Christ-likeness."
         The verse above stresses the importance of examining ourselves.  We must discern what our own true character is and what it displays to others, as an example of the world or of God?  We must test our conscience, thoughts, attitudes, intentions and actions against the Word of God.  Is He pleased?
        This verse also reminds of the likeness we have with each other.  I've heard and believe it to be true, that what we find fault in others is often a problem we have with our own self. "A grouchy, evil-spirited person evokes the same attitude in everyone he confronts; and the same is true of a happy and cheerful person." []
        It is easier to be critical of others and their choices than our own, but Proverbs 27:19 reminds us to look at the spiritual condition of our own hearts.  Often we judge others by ourselves, find them faithful or the reverse, as we ourselves are.  "The Word of God is the truthful mirror into which we should look carefully – for the face of Christ is that still water-pool upon which our hearts should gaze."
       I was reminded last week in bible study about the need of ours, as Christians, to give grace to others.  We are not all in the same place in our spiritual journey and yet we judge others harshly, where we once were.  A Christian's maturity is measured by their faith, love and hope.
      May we examine our own hearts and lives first, then encourage others towards the will of God in their own spiritual walk with God.  

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  1. Very well said! I am so inspired by everything you write!