Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do You Job Did?

I know that my redeemer lives,

    and that in the end he will stand on the earth.
26 And after my skin has been destroyed,
    yet in my flesh I will see God;
27 I myself will see him
    with my own eyes—I, and not another.
    How my heart yearns within me!
Job 19:25-27

      I just love the confidence expressed in these verses.  Job is such an example of faith under adversity and loss.  Is your faith strong like that?  I know I have questioned God in my own trials and fail to see His goodness right before me at times.  In these 3 short verses, there are some important convictions that Job shares with us.  As believers, we should also carry these truths in our hearts too.

1]  Job believes in the glory of God as his Redeemer.  "That there is a Redeemer provided for fallen man, and Jesus Christ is that Redeemer. "  He believes that Jesus has his own interest in him, as both his creator and redeemer from sin.  
2] Job believes in Jesus second coming.  He believes that in the end, God will triumph over His enemies.  God is victorious over death with His Resurrection and will one day return to create a new heaven and earth.
3] Job recognizes the frailty of his own body.  "Christ’s body saw no corruption, but ours must. And Job mentions this, that the glory of the resurrection he believed and hoped for might shine the more brightly.  It is good for us often to think, not only of the approaching death of our bodies, but of their destruction and dissolution in the grave; yet let not that discourage our hope of their resurrection, for the same power that made man’s body at first, out of common dust, can raise it out of its own dust. This body which we now take such care about, and make such provision for, will in a little time be destroyed. "   We must acknowledge that the strength of our bodies is fading, so we must not put our trust in ourselves.
4] Job sees happiness beyond the grave.  Job speaks of seeing God in his new and glorified spiritual body.  He will have eternal comfort and satisfaction to look forward to and be made complete.
5]Job knows that he alone will stand and give an account for himself before God.  When Job says 'I, and not another', he knows he must maintain his integrity with God.  His friends and the world around him may urge him to abandon his faith, but he knows that no one else will be there to give an account for or against him.
6]Job desires to be in heaven with God.  Job longs for the hope of his sufferings to end.  He yearns that "all my desires are summed up and concluded in this; this will crown and complete them all; let me have this, and I shall have nothing more to desire; it is enough; it is all."

        Job sticks by his faith because he knows that this world is not his home nor his end.   Can we persevere in our faith with whatever trials we face?  Stand by your beliefs that are founded in God's Word because you alone will one day be face to face with your Maker, Sustainer, and hopefully your chosen Savior.


  1. I see you are caught up! Good thoughts on that passage. Indeed, this world is not our home. If only we could get past ourselves long enough to realize that we have a greater glory! (Gloria)

  2. Job is a great illustration of faith. For it is by faith that we are saved, not by our goodness, or works and deeds. It is by His grace and we have to live by faith and believing in Him. As we get older it is natural to think about the mistakes we have made, and we may want to "catch up" on our mistakes and do some additional good deeds, however, again it is not about us. Good blog Angie....Love you ...Dad

  3. Angie,
    This is one of your best, if not your best blog. I loved it! It is so full of truth and so encouraging for all who will place their hope in the Lord. So well outlined and stated that anyone who reads this should understand. Amazing!

  4. Dear Angie,
    Thank you for today's message! The Lord knows what we need at the right time.
    Big hugs.