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"Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God" by Dale Foster (Angie's Guest Writer/Friend)

"Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back.  If you say, “See, we did not know this,” does He not consider it who weighs the hearts?  And does He not know it who keeps your soul?  And will He not render to man according to his work?" – Proverbs 24

Before you read today’s blog, please consider this message of truth in love to those who may have participated in an abortion. Christian lady, if you are among the one in four professing believers who have procured an abortion, I offer to you by the authority of God’s word that there is forgiveness and healing available by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. If you confess your sin, admit that abortion is sin, He is faithful and just to forgive your sin, and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Scripture either means something, or it means nothing.  As bondservants of Christ, we do not have the prerogative of selective belief, of choosy obedience.  In the history books written 100 years from now, what will be said of Christians who ignored the plight of their pre-born neighbor being "taken away to death" after God has commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves?  In the history book of heaven, how will God Himself respond when we stand before Him, since He has given us warnings such as in Isaiah 1, 

"So when you spread out your hands in prayer,
            I will hide My eyes from you;
            Yes, even though you multiply prayers,
            I will not listen.
            Your hands are covered with blood.
“Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;
            Remove the evil of your deeds from My sight.
            Cease to do evil,
Learn to do good;
            Seek justice,
            Reprove the ruthless,
            Defend the orphan,
            Plead for the widow.

Christian, the Church needs the "brood of vipers" John the Baptist as much as she needs the weeping prophet, Jeremiah. Repentance and revival begin in the Church, the fellowship of believers. 

The only way to abolish abortion is to abolish abortion.  Some may ask, what is the cost of abolishing abortion in Arkansas?  Instead we must ask, what is the cost of not doing so?  

God refuses to compromise with evil, we ought to refuse as well.  Isaiah 10 declares, "Woe to those who enact evil statutes and to those who constantly record unjust decisions".  Any law that permits the slaughter of God's image bearers merits this woe given directly from the mind of God.  Pro-life laws accomplish exactly the opposite of what God commands; they perpetuate the holocaust decade after bloody decade.  The evidence of this is that after 44 years of these unjust laws, the abortion holocaust rages on.  These laws defy justice by permitting exceptions for murder.  They create steps one must take before being permitted to murder their child.  They compromise with evil. Woe to those who enact such evil statutes. Demand justice.  Amos exhorts us to “let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream.” 

Whatever any individual is doing to end abortion, none of us is doing enough. 

Visit to learn more about a biblical response to the greatest evil of our age.  Read stories of Christian ladies who have repented of the sin of abortion, and how they found healing and forgiveness in Christ. 

The following letter is addressed to citizens of Arkansas, but repentance and revival must begin in the heart of the Church.  Repentance begins with me.  

Dear Representatives and Fellow Citizens of Arkansas,
            The seal of the Great State of Arkansas displays an angel with the word “Mercy” written on her sash.  On the right side is a sword with the word “Justice.”  But another blade is wielded for a purpose all too nefarious.  It exists to bring death upon our fellow image bearers of God, those yet unborn who have not taken their first breath of freedom.  Let us find inspiration in the words of our own Constitution of Arkansas, “All men…have certain inherent and inalienable rights; amongst which are those of enjoying and defending life…” and “…nor shall any citizen ever be deprived of any right…” and “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.” 
            The act of abortion in all forms violates the guaranteed rights of our most vulnerable neighbors.  Even more so, it violates the Law of God, to whom the preamble of our Constitution offers gratitude and from Whom it beseeches blessing.  The God of Whom our Constitution speaks commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Can we expect His blessing when we neglect the weightiest matters of the Law?
Hardly twenty-seven years after the end of World War II, America’s holocaust began, and for the last forty-four years, it has raged on.  The SCOTUS has a history of evil and unjust opinions, starting even before Dred Scott v. Sandford.  Initiated by an evil opinion rendered by an unjust court, Roe v. Wade began a new epoch in our country, and 60,000,000 murdered infants later, the hands of all Americans are drenched in blood in corporate responsibility. 
How does Justice appear in a culture, in our State, where abortion is permitted?  It appears as repentance.  It appears by returning to the fear and reverence of the God to Whom we appeal for blessing.  When a higher magistrate makes a law that defies humanity and the Law of God, or a higher court renders an unjust and evil opinion, it is the privilege and sacred obligation of the Lesser Magistrate, like the Arkansas State Legislature, to be obedient to God’s Law, and reverse and defy that unjust law.   The precedents for this are ancient and numerous.  A prominent example occurred in 1215 at Runnymede, England, where nobles took to task the tyranny of King John, which led to the signing of the Magna Carta.  
The Great State of Texas, our own neighbor, is at this very moment taking up this cause.  Convinced by his duty and reverence for God, Representative Tony Tinderholt has introduced HB948 in that state.  So far, ten fellow representatives have signed on as co-authors.  They have seen the futility of regulating murder, those incremental steps which perpetuate the miscarriage of justice.  As well-intentioned as these measures are, they’ve done nothing to end abortion.  The proof of that is that the murder of the unborn is still tolerated in our State, as technology advances to neutralize and circumvent these laws. 
Some may ask, what is the cost of abolishing abortion in Arkansas?  Instead we must ask, what is the cost of not doing so?  Do we fear God, or man’s corrupt opinion, like Dred, Roe, or Casey?  Are we trusting in chariots and horses, or in the name of the Lord our God?  How will Arkansas respond when the inevitable lawsuit arises challenging the criminalization of infanticide?  Very simply: ignore the summons.  SCOTUS does not make law.  Lesser Magistrates are bound to defy unjust laws.  Arkansas does not have to defend itself when God’s Justice and Mercy are on our side.
For the first time since reconstruction, Republicans, who oppose abortion, have a majority of representation in the legislature.  All seven constitutional officers oppose abortion.  The majority of the citizenry of the state of Arkansas opposes abortion.  Most importantly, God demands justice for the pre-born.  If now is not the time to end abortion in our State, then there will never be a time.  The time for justice is always now. 
We would love to share with you information about abolishing abortion.  May Arkansas lead the way as we pursue the righteousness and justice of Almighty God.

Very respectfully submitted
 || Abolitionist Society of Little Rock || East Arkansas Abolitionist Society ||
 || Every20Seconds || Seminarians Against Abortion ||
In representation of our pre-born neighbors, the citizens of Arkansas, and Almighty God

“Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes…reach the light of day?”  Hans Scholl, dissident and martyr in the culture of death in Nazi Germany

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