Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Amazing Love

God doesn't want something from us. He simply wants us. ~ C S Lewis

                Amazing love so divine, and yet He cares about this little heart of mine.  I get overwhelmed thinking of all the people, past and present, that God has created and cares for.  His love is infinite and endures forever.
               When reading about the prodigal son, we see the human race and it's desire for more.  As sheep we wander and hopefully make a Christ centered change to return to Him, but our Father and His love never changes.  He loves us through sin and shame, always wanting us just the same.
              ''Did I want what I wanted, or did I want what He wanted, no matter what it might cost?''...by Elisabeth Elliot


  1. So simple, yet so hard to grasp sometimes. Hoping you are feeling loved by Him this week!


  2. I see that this quote is from Elizabeth Elliot. I heard that she passed away in the past day or two. What a wonderful woman she was and I can say the very same thing about you Miss Angie. You are wonderful!!!! Have a blessed day.
    Love you and praying for you.