Monday, May 25, 2015

Wag It

Are you a barker or a wagger? A 5-minute devotion from Hungry for God: Bark Less, Wag More

                        Our dog, Jack, rarely barks but frequently wags his tail.  Like most of us, he has a pretty good life but I'm sure he has a few things he'd like to change.
                       Do you talk more about your blessings or your burdens?  We must see our lives through a godly perspective, not a worldly perspective.  The world will make you feel short changed because there will always be more to be had.  A godly perspective humbles us and provides for God's will to be done in our lives, more so than our own will.
                      We would all do well to have more of a grateful heart, than a critical heart.  It is not always easy, but finding content in all circumstances is a goal worth aiming for.


  1. Good reminder, we should be happy with what we have, rather than worry about what we don't have. Material items on earth will only last our lifetime if we are lucky, treasures in heaven will last for eternity. Good Blog Love you .............Dad

  2. I liked this. I am very thankful; but still I think I should "wag" more and bark less. Good one. Mom