Sunday, March 22, 2015

Knowing Others

                         I love this quote and how it puts the problem of a lack of true fellowship into a few simple words.  I  struggle with not being able to talk to people in the way I want to.  Superficial talk is polite but it is no substitute for real conversation.  I'm guilty too, so I'm not pointing any fingers.
                         I like to have people over for visits because it is easier to talk/hear in a quieter surrounding.  I do think about people that I see often and I'd like to know on a deeper level.  One reason I like my church family is the communication isn't limited to the usual 'How are you? Fine' scenario.  We all have joys and trials that we want to share with one another.
                        Challenge your own thoughts by asking yourself, ''Who do I look at, yet never see?'  When we get to know others personally, both parties will benefit.  It is better to be looked at than over looked.


  1. I find it is really hard to have a conversation with anyone, past the superficial level, people are too busy or when you want to talk they have a better story and they don't care about your thoughts, especially men. We have a hard time talking about ourselves in the first place. If you find two or three real friends that you can talk too you are lucky. Good Blog Dad

  2. you are so right on this. I often talk to someone who has a glassy smile and is only waiting to get in his 2 cents worth and never hears me. and maybe sometimes vice versa.
    also, the superficial is about the same as the cashier's greeting, isn't it.? I hope I am not like that, I really like people and want to hear their story but sometimes they do talk a loooooonng time !
    love you, nancy h.