Friday, March 6, 2015

Foto Friday

Betsy n the kids dropped by for
some mask fun

3 lil masqueraders

Jack n my Dad getting Karla
here by 9am

2 weeks till spring

I wanna build a snowgirl

Snowgirl  'Destiny'

Snow makes Jack frisky

Karla's creation

4 wheelin fun


  1. Love love love the pics! But please take down the "let it snow" sign B-) , maybe if we all just start putting out our spring decor it will come on time. Yes, your pictures just made me giggle all the way through. From Betsy's kids, to you ready to tackle the snow, and of course the most beautiful snowgirl I've seen all wk. It looks like you had a very exciting week Angie! Praise the Lord.
    susan f.

  2. Great photos, Angie. So pretty. I'm glad you were able to get out and have fun.
    roger b.

  3. Good pictures.
    nancy p.

  4. Very nice pictures Angie, of course my guess is that you are ready for spring time! Got colder again this past week in Rome also.