Monday, February 16, 2015

Live the Message


             Sometimes I feel at a loss for words to say to people, in whatever situation they may be in.  Some don't want to hear advice but they can still draw strength by what they see in you.  Your life is an ongoing example of....... how you handle things, have compassion, help others, experience joy and sorrow... which all should point to God.
             I struggle with why some of my friends remain unbelievers and what my role is in drawing them nearer to God.  Only by the grace of God will they be saved and in His timing, but I do want to be a seed planter with my life.
             My desired life message of the gospel...... See the strength that is not my own, see the ways He provides for my needs, see the comfort He gives in my trials. and feel the love He allows me to share.


  1. You are one of the strongest witnesses for the Lord that I know. LY

  2. What a life message!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You are a great witness for those that want to see. Love You ...Dad

  3. I see that. And I feel that. And I thank God for you.

  4. What a blessing to hear this angie! And always at the perfect timing. Praise the Lord for your encouragement and the BEAUTIFUL sun that is shining right now!
    susan f.

  5. hmmmm....yes. Thanks Angie!


  6. I almost thought I was losing my mind when I read this this morning, and then I noticed that it was from 2015! Whew! God knew that this is a classic message that we all should hear again and again. Thanks for re-sending it. Perfect timing!