Saturday, July 5, 2014



                Today we had a family fun day at Funland at Burns Park.  Can you have 'too much' fun?  Hmm, I used to think not but maybe so today.  I LOVE amusement park rides but I haven't been on one in years.  I want to go to Magic Springs but I thought I needed a little test to see if my body still loved the thrill.... it does.
                 When we parked, I saw Charlie Blevins get off the Tilt-a-Whirl.  He and Vera were there with their granddaughter.  We visited with them a little bit before they left.
                 First, my Dad and I rode the Tilt-a-Whirl two times in a row.  I loved it and felt like a kid again.  My mom took pictures.  Then we rested under the pavilion a little bit because it got hot quick out there.  We talked with the Funland director.  She had never had a disabled rider before.. my dad did have to lift and carry me onto the rides.  Then we rode the Scrambler two times in a row.  My mom rode in the second round.
                So then we bought refreshments, a Sprite and a snowcone.  This is when we should have left, but I wanted to ride one more time and my mom was going to join us.  The ride looked the same, but it was different.... it was now the ''Tilt-a-Hurl''.  Somehow I got seated wrong and I winced with pain in my rear with every turn.  After a couple of minutes, my Dad signaled the operator guy to stop.  I was thinking it was for my relief, but no.  My dad jumped up quickly, headed for the rail, and won the puke prize of the day.  After getting a coke, a lady asked him if he was okay?  He said yes and asked her 'Did everybody see?'  She said 'Probably so.'
               We headed home and my dad got me a free Tutti Frutti cup of butter pecan and birthday cake frozen yogurt.   Yumm.... perfect ending to the day is what I would say.


  1. You guys know how to live! I mowed some of the yard, read a little, washed some clothes, and took a nap! Ha!

  2. You are totally amazing Angie! Your days are so filled with "LIFE" and I love that about you. I look so forward to your pictures and enjoy every one of them. Keep them coming and keep on having fun dear lady.
    Love ya,

  3. My fun with you was overflowing today. Dad

  4. You are something else, girl! I am really not so crazy about rides, but when you ride, it makes me want to have that little girl in me. I'm thinking maybe I never had that kind of little girl in me. But I like to camp--even in a tent. Does that count for something?

  5. Love it, love it! Sounds like fun except for the um, hurling part:-) Love you!


  6. Your poor Dad! but otherwise, it sounded like a perfect day! I -always loved the Tilt-O-Whirl too. Gonna try to take the grandkids this summer. Glad you got to go.
    debra d.

  7. OMG as I was reading your blog and thinking Angie surprises me every day : ) Then when I saw Dad jumped off I thought oh man and busted out laughing..Your Dad is one Trooper...Anything for His Babygirl!! P. S Tell him next time he might want to take some Dramamine, Lol
    karla t.

  8. Angie Riffle Bridger--i am so proud of you and your parents--as the young ones would say you go girls and guy--Wow i am just impressed beyond words--so glad i have gotten to know you---god bless!!!
    mica a.

  9. Made me smile and laugh so many sweet memories growing up of carnival rides with my parents.
    jessica b.

  10. Wow! You guys had a blast. Glad you found out you still loved it!
    amy p.