Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hope So


              Oh, I hope my life speaks so much louder than my voice.  As my voice gets weaker with time, I see less of my strength and more of God's strength in me.  Many may not hear my words or testimony, but many can see how God is using me for His will.  Am I the only witness for Christ in other's lives?  No, but doing my part is as important as any others.
              What does your life speak to others?  Is it one of helping others or of selfish greed?  Is your success a credit to luck or blessings?  Can your obedience to God be seen publicly?
               I heard from comedian, Michael Jr, that God is like our GPS.  He tells us to go 2 miles then turn left, but we often go 2 miles and turn right.  He doesn't abandon us, but recalculates to get us from where we are to where we need to be.  The road probably won't be as smooth as He originally planned.  Yes, we are running out of time.
              If God is truly guiding your path, your walk will be louder than your talk.  Also, talk is cheap when you don't practice what you preach.


  1. Your life speaks loud and clear about your faith and your love for the Lord.
    Many are watching as well, and you don't need a GPS in your life as your walk is following on the path He has for you. Good blog.......Love you Dad

  2. Yes Angie....Thank you for your example and your reminders. Glad He can be strong in our weaknesses.


  3. Sometimes I can't hear what you say with your mouth but the words of your heart speak loud and clear. And your sense of humor... I can always tell by your facial expression when you are getting ready to say something really funny and I really try to make sure I don't miss what you are saying. Between your words, both written and spoken, it is clear which direction your heart is pointing towards.

  4. All I can add to this is that the weaker your voice gets, the louder you speak. Your blog posts seem to be more and more full of wisdom each time you write. Oh, that this blog was published daily in the New York Times or USA Today!!