Sunday, December 21, 2014

God's at Work in You

God is doing more in your life than you realize.

               Some people are multi-taskers and some can't walk and chew gum at the same time.  God is the ultimate multi-million-tasker and needs no reminders.  Our days can seem so similar to us that time goes by before we even know it.  There's a song lyric that goes 'You're gona miss this, you're gona  wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.'  How true.
              Our lives are both a journey and a process through which God is working on us.  Whether we surrender or resist to His will is our choice.  We see His faithfulness sometimes in our past, but most things we'll never know why they occurred.  Trust reminds us 'that He works all things for good, for those who believe in Him.'


  1. The longer you serve Him (The Lord) the sweeter He grows--and the more we recognize what He is doing in and for us and the more we grow in faith and trust. It saddens me to know how loving and giving our Lord is and yet so many want to trust only in themselves and refuse to trust the Lord--and they will miss many blessings here and heaven if they do not accept Him before they die here. Mom

  2. This is so true. Miss Angie, I pray you and your whole family have a very blessed Christmas. You are a blessing to all of us.
    Love you!!!!

  3. Amen Angie.
    susan f.

  4. So beautifully stated. Bonnie

  5. As we discussed He makes things happen in our lives that we may not know about and a few times He shows us that He is watching out for us, an example is the near misses we have with our vehicles, two possible wrecks is the last few months. Good blog....Love you,,,, Dad