Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting By

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. --John Lennon

               Karla wrapped all of my Christmas presents beautifully this afternoon.  It is the season of giving and I love seeing people open presents.  I have great help in my friends helping me to shop and give to others in the way that I want to.  A secret to happiness is to give generously to both those in need and to those you love.


  1. Missy Meredith Silverman....... You have great and caring friends, Angie!!!! I know they feel exactly the same of you:)

  2. And what a friend you have! I can never say too many times how thankful I am for Karla and for Charlene, as well. Emma posted near her desk the proverb, "A man who has friends must show himself friendly." You both have friends and show yourself friendly. You Proverbs woman!

  3. I absolutely agree with you Angie. In our fallen sinful nature we are fundamentally selfish and it is only God that can change us so that we learn to take joy in helping others. Only then that we can find enduring happiness.
    Blessings and Joyous Christmas,]