Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who's In Charge?

All things are possible through Him who gives us strength!

            I read a disturbing article on people.com about a 29yr old woman with brain cancer who has moved to Oregon specifically to end her life through legally doctor prescribed drugs.  The sugar coated term for this is 'dying with dignity.'
           I'm not here to judge her, but rather to express my opposition to the idea of taking charge of your own death.  It is one thing to not choose medical intervention and let life run its course, but to take life ending drugs is a form of suicide.  Since God formed us in the womb and gave us life at conception, who then gave us the shift in power to end His plan for us?
           Our lives have both impact and influence on others and our feeling comfortable is not always a priority of God's plan.  There are MANY things I would have chosen not to endure, but that wasn't within my realm of options.  'Those who sow in tears will reap in joy of songs.'
           People often say 'if I just had 5 more minutes or 1 more day with them' but yet people want to legalize cutting short what days God had numbered for them.  As for myself, God will take me home when He sees fit and He will sustain me until that time.


  1. This is a touchy subject but I agree with you and feel you have stated the case well. Plus, no one can argue that you, of all people, are qualified to speak on this subject as you've faced one hurdle after another. I think about a friend of mine who was wheel chair bound and on oxygen for years. She spent her last four months in the hospital and it wasn't easy. One night I went to her room to visit her and she told me that she had seen an angel standing at the foot of her bed. I have no doubt that she did - she wasn't on any new meds or prone to imagine things. Another time I went to visit her and it was pretty late - I was surprised the hospital let me in her room. It was sat. night and I really thought I was too tired more than just to say "hi" and then leave, had house guests at home, etc. But to my surprise, she asked me what I thought Heaven was like and then began to share things with me that totally quickened my mind and heart and it was just one of the sweetest hour-long conversations I've ever had. During that time, I also saw God work in her family to break down barriers so they were united when she finally transitioned to Heaven. And at one point she even told me that she had asked God why she was still here and He told her it was for her family and the work He was doing in them. Finally, I sometimes think about the verse (in I Corinthians, I think) where Paul wrote that in our suffering it is like we are in an arena (or on a platform) where humans and angels can watch us and learn about faith. I know that has been true for me with you, Angie. I have watched you and learned about faith. For real.

  2. That should be "that you, of all people, are not qualified to speak on this subject". Also, I hope it's clear, I am a human spectator. Never been an angel and don't think I ever will be... Ha! Just a redeemed sinner.

  3. Angie, your blog was so good on this; and Cathy, your words were so good too--both said the truth and it was encouraging and inspiring. Mom

  4. The woman was not strong enough in her faith to continue on, however she did not surprise God with her actions and He did accomplish His purpose for her life while she was here on earth. And He will (has) used her death for His glory. Good blog.................Dad

  5. Don't know if you are much of a Lord of the Rings fan but there is one quote that is in the movie that I think about every once in a while:

    Frodo: "I wish none of this had happened." Gandalf: "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

    And we don't walk alone. Thanks for the reminder that it is not the circumstances that matter, but who we choose to depend on during each circumstance.


  6. I know that we don't have the ability to walk in others' shoes, but I would hope that as God has in His plan a time and a place for our death, at least as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we would allow Him and Him alone the option to take us into glory in His timing. Good blog and much to consider.

  7. This message is just a continuation of the lesson we had on Moses at BSF in Ex. chapters 5 and 6. You are a blessing to me. grace