Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Share the Blessings


            My October track record for the past few years has been one of sickness in varying degrees.  This year, my Oct 2014, has been well and free from illness for me.  This has not been the case for many of my friends.  My biggest help to them is to remember them in my prayers, but I also want to share my blessings with them.
           I know the feeling of being home-bound and out-of-touch with my world.  It's lonely, never ending, and boring without your fellowship with friends.  These are the moments when we have prime opportunities to let someone know 'Hey, I'm thinking of you' with a note, a treat, or a phone call.  It doesn't take much to be a joy booster to someone.
          We are to be do-ers of 'love thy neighbor'.  Good intentions fall short, if not followed thru with actions.  Bless others with what you've been blessed with.


  1. Thanks for that reminder, Angie. We (I) get caught up in our affairs and think life is going great for everyone else too. Hope you continue to be well. Joel

  2. What a wonderful word of encouragement! You are such a great example to all of us, Angie. This post makes me excited to go out and encourage someone myself
    gloria g.

  3. They shall know we are Christians by our Love - and you are that
    example, wish i were more so.
    nancy h.

  4. You have been a blessing my friend.
    jessica b.

  5. You are so thoughtful of others, and a real encourager. Love you...........Dad