Tuesday, September 16, 2014


yes sireeee

Just a few real life examples that make you think.. Really?

----Upon entering an elevator, does that wheelchair go backwards?
----When calling in a to-go order for a baked potato with grilled chicken, 'It's gona take 20-30 minutes to cook the white chicken, let me ask my manager if I can take your order.'
----At the DMV, if you can't sign your name just put your hand on top of someone's hand that can
      sign.. it counts the same
----When making a phone call and they whisper back at you, just because your voice is a whisper
----When your total is 3.01 and you try to give the cashier 5.01... whatttt?

This blog post intends no harm or ill will, but just a few funny moments to shake our heads at.  We've all been there so feel free to share one of your moments.


  1. A friend of mine often asked a cashier if they had two $10 for a $5, you would be surprised at the number that said "yes". You cannot fix stupid.
    Come on people T-H-I-M-K. Think Good blog.....Dad

  2. If I started listing all my "stupid" responses, I'd be here all day. Besides, I don't want everyone to know how weird I am!

  3. Those are hilarious. Especially the wheel chair question. I think that one tops my neighbor's, "I LIKE MY BEER!" announcement. :)