Tuesday, September 23, 2014



        Okay, I admit that I am opinionated but I hope that I back it up with a strong and good example. What I believe in, does not mean I have mastered.  I am a work in progress.
        Hypocrites are those who say one thing, yet do otherwise.  We lead others more by our actions than our words.  Our greatest example is when God became flesh in Jesus.  Who better to follow?
       'We keep waiting on the world to change' but change begins with each of us and our example.  Go ahead and make a difference... be the salt and the light.

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  1. I liked the phrase - what I believe in does not mean I have mastered. We all are hypocrites at times, because we all are a work in progress. None of us always exhibit the fruits of the spirit at all times -- but we should desire to and try to--that is where the Lord and His forgiveness, leading and teaching us through trials comes in. Praise the Lord He is not through with me yet. Mom