Wednesday, September 3, 2014

43rd Birthday

        Yesterday was my 43rd birthday, but I was too tired to blog about it.  It was a wonderful day of food, fun, and friends.  I organized a girls birthday luncheon at Whole Hog barbeque.  It couldn't have went any better, no air assistance or cough, just good fellowship with each other.  The presents I received were right on target for my likes.
        Later in the day, I was treated to Tutti Frutti by the owner... yum.  I visited with more friends later on that evening.  What a full day of smiles, laughter and memories.
       43 years is a long time, actually the oldest I've ever been.  My God who knew me and formed me in the womb is the One who sustains me through this journey and I have no cause or fear for my future... He is my Rock.

Rich, the owner of Whole Hog,
celebrating with us

Susan Franco made me a
'and that's that' tshirt

Jelly from Twylia

Gloria put together and framed
the puzzle pieces I had sent her
this spring

My new clothes collection

Best fro-yo in town


  1. It was fellowship of the saints at its best! Love you!

  2. Twylia Gray Warlick...... Loved your blog. It was such a fun day, and I am so thankful you are my friend! Yes, God does know the number of days we have on this earth....praying you will be here another 43 years....or more! Love you, sweet friend!!

  3. Karla Terry.... What a sweet blog today Friend..I loved celebrating your birthday with you and such a sweet group of ladies. You had such a sweet smile on your face all day : )..Awesome you didn't have to have any assistance with you machines too. Continued prayers for your strength sweet girl so you can continue to do the things your heart desires..Love ya!!

  4. Glad you had a great birthday, you deserve it. love you .............Dad

  5. Angie,
    Looks like you made a haul. I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday.
    love, Aunt Nancy

  6. So happy for you and the good time you had. God bless you!
    love, Ferdine