Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pool Time for Us

2 of the hardest tests in life #paulocoelho

             As usual, it has taken me till August to finally get in the pool.  I can partly blame this summer's crazy cool weather on part of my delay.  Today I conquered my preconceived ideas on what getting in the pool would be like for me.... exhaustive, shortness in my breath, disappointing.  I can tell you it was none of those things and I actually enjoyed it.  Karla dunked me a couple of times and we just relaxed in the cool water.  I look forward to doing more next time.  I am trying to do one 'out of the norm' adventure every week and this was this week's.


  1. Looks like you had a good time...Dad

  2. You Esther Williams, you! Proud of you--as always.

  3. I admire your spunk Angie. I can't swim. I'm afraid of water. I've tried to overcome my fears, even signed up to take lessons at the YWCA years ago, but each time I would panic when it came time to put my head under water and blow bubbles. I quit. Several friends told me they would teach me and when I got in the water with them to try they would duck me first thing and thought it was funny. That broke my trust, so here I am years later still afraid of water. I've given up on swimming.
    bonnie d.