Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prepared For


          I like surprises, if done in a good way and not a scare tactic.  This verse above makes me anxiously await my future in heaven.  Indescribable is how I would summarize this verse.
         I think the verse also applies to our journey here on Earth.  Years ago, my mind certainly wouldn't have conceived the idea of me living in the basement, where lawnmowers and paint cans used to be stored. He knows what we need and when, therefore preparing for all of our needs.
        Can you look back at your past and see how faithful His preparedness has been to you?  Yes there is a prerequisite for the place He has prepared for you in heaven.... to love Him... above all else.


  1. You can have your old room back, upstairs. This ole house has been provided to us and meets our needs as they occur here on earth, and He is preparing a place for us in heaven for eternity. It is good to be taken care of, and loved by God. Love you..........Dad

  2. Angie, simplicity often says it best and this morning's blog is a great example of this. If what you (and the Bible) says is true, then we have an incredible expectation. I'm trying to let the depth of this sink into my being so that I can not only make it through this day but thrive. Thanks for your thoughts. Joel

  3. Sorry I got behind but it's been a pleasure to catch up on your blogs...