Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Thought-provoking post about how our imperfections keep us dependent on the Perfect One. (2 Cor. 12:7) http://adivineencounter.com/thorn-or-gift

              Today my friends, Charity and Gloria, came over with the kids.  The afternoon turned out a lot nicer than expected.  The kids played on the golf cart with a plastic tub drug behind it.  They had lots of fun.  Even the dogs, Jack and Lucy, had a  playdate full of running with each other.
              Days like these remind me of my donut making go-cart and air grabbing three-wheeler days.  Yes, I'd like to be as rough and free in play as I used to be, but there is a time for every season of life.  Having an independent spirit, I can honestly say my disabilities have broken me into a dependence on God sooner in my life than I suspect without them.
             Until you are truly broken, your perspective on Who is in control of your life is biased with self confidence.  If we could grasp the strength of God's power in the tornado, then why can't we see His power over our lives?  I trust in the joy of the future to be far more freer than what I remember of the past.


  1. You have made a graceful adjustment to the changing seasons in your life and I am so proud for the way you handle it, we are here on earth for a few year and we have eternity forever. Love You .......Dad

  2. What a beautiful quote Angie! Thanks for your example of how to face the waves with Jesus.



  3. Beautiful Angie!! You are an amazing person who's wrogin in The Lord day by day, doesn't matter the circumstances.

  4. I love that quote! If not for the valleys, we would not appreciate the mountains. Glad you had such a special day....wishing you many more. Love you, T.

  5. This was a WONDERFUL blog and stated so well. Anyone who reads it and doesn't trust in the Lord should be encouraged to let Jesus be Lord of their life. Mom

  6. What a great time! My high bp has taught me that I am certainly not in control, no matter how hard I try.

  7. You have limitations? Why, you're the strongest and most daring person I know! And how I thank God for your daily example. What a wonderful message and lesson for all of us. Thank you, Angie.