Friday, April 11, 2014

Foto Friday

Rivermarket flowers
Down by the Arkansas River

Best gyros in town

Easter egg tree in NLR
Banana colada snowcones...mmm

John Deere fun

King of the mountain
at Garvan Gardens

Family time

Best buds among the tulip buds
Our easter egg project... still in the works


  1. I love the pictures as always! Now I have to go to the River Market!!! (We almost went on Tuesday but didn't make it. But now I have to go!!!)

  2. What beautiful pictures, what beautiful people. Love, Randy

  3. I enjoyed the pictures.
    Aunt Nancy

  4. You are such an amazing young woman. What an encouragement you are to the rest of us who allow our aches and pains confine us to a recliner. Love you much, grace

  5. LOVE the pics....beautiful scenery and people! Love you, T.

  6. Spring is in the air! The pics are beautiful. I love the one of ya'll on the tractor and the one of your mom and dad -almost- smooching So sweet!
    susan f.