Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sweet Tooth

       Who else has a mouthful of sweet teeth?  Actually, I'm not a big candy eater but I do have a sweet craving once in a while.  Yesterday was one of those days.  We were down in the Rivermarket area and Brown Sugar Bakeshop popped into my head.  Karla agreed that it was a good idea.  We circled the block twice looking for a parking spot and wouldn't you know it they were closed for spring break.
       Today, we took care of my sweets craving at our good ol' standby, Tutti Frutti.  It is the place 'where sweet dreams come true.'  I recommend the banana taffy, birthday cake and salted carmel flavors.
       What we crave, we will most likely satisfy..... make sure it is good for the mind, body and soul.


  1. Sweet tooth, sweet candy, and a sweet daughter. I love the fact that you keep candy in your candy dish for me all the time. A little friend of mine (Vance) about 2 years old said the other day, with his mouth stuffed with malted milk ball eggs "I may have too many in my mouth" he was so cute eating all that candy, and reminded me of me....Dad

  2. Unfortunately, Vance inherited that from his grandmother. You have gone way too far now talking about sweet teeth! (LOL)

  3. Soooo true - what we crave, we will satisfy. Wise words...

  4. Love your last sentence. I have learned a new phrase....."When we want to do something, we find a way. When we don't, we find an excuse." This is not always true, but many times it is. Same goes with our cravings. We truly do feed what we crave...most of the time. Love you, T.