Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Good Day

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            Well it was a good day and I think we all benefitted from it.  My friends.... Cathy, Gloria, Charity and kids, and Dave... all came over this afternoon.  It would've been 'perfect', if the wind had died down but hey it's good to be outside for a change.
          Some highlights include......  Vance getting out of the car and saying.... 'Angie's.. I love Angie.'  Maggie fell on the driveway but my Dad got plain bandaids and drew smiley faces on them to cheer her up.  The bigger girls rode my old bike and gave each other handlebar rides.  Visiting together with all the adults is always a good time of sharing and swapping experiences.
          My friends are angels who lift me up when I need it most... this includes both those who were here today and those that were not.
          [Cliffhanger..... I'm saving the pictures for Foto Friday.....stay tuned]


  1. Glad you enjoyed this beautiful day! Maybe we can come for a visit next Tuesday or Wednesday.
    jessica b.

  2. It was a good day, I am glad you got to go outside in the nice weather we had today after several days of cold and visit with some of your friends. Dad

  3. Here's an email I had from Nancy this morning: "Angie is the bright spot in my day. I heard a radio preacher telling hat you can choose how to live your life under circumstance that are bad. A shut in can moan and be miserable and those around the same , or choose to be.... ANGIE. I love her and love you for loving her and visiting." Nancy

    And this was my response to her: "I agree, she is a bright spot in the life of anyone who knows her. I call her my jewel. It is pure selfishness that causes me to visit her; it's good for me."

    And it's oh, so true! Thank you, my jewel.

  4. It was nice for people to come over; Angie is missing Karla and this helped brighten the day I know. Nice time visiting with everyone. Mom

  5. Thanks for having us. It was a blessing. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, the company, and watching cherubic little Vance give poor Jack a run for his money! (Or was it vice-versa?)

  6. What GREAT friends you have. And what a GREAT friend you are. I will get my turn to visit soon....that's a promise! Love you, T.