Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Thermostat

Church humor

     I just thought this was funny, because I've been a Henry and I've dealt with some Henry's.  The thermostat is a marriage issue, a workplace issue, a restaurant issue and really just a part of life issue.
     When I worked, the boss ultimately had to put a lockbox over the thermostat.  Somebody kept putting it on 60 degrees and then someone would spike it to 75 degrees.  You either froze or sweated.  I just carried my portable heater with me to different work stations, if I got cold.  I was also blessed to have my own workroom with my own thermostat just for that room.
    Just so you know, I'll be living in the 75-80 degree all the time part of heaven if you wana look me up.


  1. I'll be right there with you... ;) The thermostat was a constant battle in the classroom b/c the original building I was in seemed to have no insulation. Once upon a time pretty long ago... I had a kid who would run in and turn the heat up super high - like to 80. The teachers were required to stand in the hallways between classes so I really didn't know who was doing it and although I tried to do a quick survey of the room from the hallway I never caught the kid. I warned the class that I wouldn't tolerate it - the room would be like an oven by the time I got roll checked and realized what had happened. So one day I just never turned down the thermostat. I guess I could be sued for that today but back then no one seemed to care. The heating system was really good and after about 15 or 20 minutes, the kids began to complain - fortunately it was a 50 min. class period. I just told them that from now on, if someone set the thermostat on 80, it would stay on 80 for the entire class period and that if they didn't like that, they might want to have a private word with the one who was doing it. I didn't have any problems with it after that.

  2. I just came across your blog today. I really liked this post, and scrolled down to read several more of your blog entries. Will be coming back for more... what a blessing. Lidia

  3. Good cartoon,---- You will have a lot of visitors in the winter time, especially during hunting season. Love you --- Dad.

  4. Are Michigan and Florida going to be in heaven? Whoopie! Since I'd follow you to the ends of the earth, I'll enjoy following you around in heaven--as long as Jesus is there so that I can daily fall on my face before HIm. Cute cartoon. We do that in Bible Study on Sunday mornings so that we don't CONTINUE to freeze. (B.S. is after the sermon.)


  5. So will Clay. He keeps a heater going all day along with the Central heat and doors closed. I always tell him I feel like I step into an oven when I go in his room. But I do understand. I move around and he doesn't. It's his space, and I'm blessed to have him with me or cold.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. i WON'T HAVE TO LOOK FOR YOU, I will be in the same area. prefer 82
    with a beach. I was in Mary's house, it is big, hard to heat, I
    froze all the time, wore my coat inside. they set therm at 64 and that
    was NOT near the door, or my room or upstairs. Kitchen had a stove and
    floor vent, I could be found standing on the vent. Kids wore ss tee
    shirts, used to it. brrrrr. was glad to leave for that reason only.
    nancy h.

  7. I would love the thermostat on 71...Alex, on 65. But, somehow we've made it 15 years already. You and I should hang out more often and stay cozy :)

  8. We had the same issue in my workplace, and the bosses did the same thing....a lockbox on the thermostat. I have found that my internal temp changes with age....I used to freeze to death and now I burn up! So I am like your Dad said above (I found myself wanting to "like" his comment!), I will be there, girlfriend, in the wintertime but may be visiting a hot-natured friend in the cool occasionally! (Like we will even have "seasons" there, LOL!) One thing is certain.....our loving Savior will be there forevermore...anywhere and everywhere!! Great you, T.

  9. Make that room for two. I hate cold and I hate to go out to eat and freeze the whole time. It just ruins the meal for me. Robbie