Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gym n Spa Day

Dog at day spa.

     Okay so this is Jack's stand-in....lol.  Yes, these cold winter days are making us get creative with our time.  Below are some pictures of my 8 minute workout today and our paraffin home spa treatments.  Nothing feels better than hot wax on your skin on a cold, blustery day.  I think we all enjoyed it and now we all have soft hands.


  1. I didn't know you were going to post pictures of me, now people will be talking about your "sissy" dad. Anyway it was a slow day until the water pipe broke at a rent house, and that was no fun. Love you, Dad

  2. Yep,your dad is a real trooper! One of a kind. What fun!

  3. What a "sissy" dad you have, ha ha!! Just kidding! You have a wonderful dad who would do just about anything to bring joy to his sweet daughter. Loved the pics.....fun way to be busy and joyful inside. Love you, T.