Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friends at Betsy's House

Charity, Karla, my mom, September, Betsy
Charlene, Angie, Jessica
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       These are some of my rock solid friends who gathered together yesterday at Betsy's house.  We ate a wonderful lunch and had a good time of fellowship together.  There were also 13 kids, who all played well together.
       There is a big difference between friends and people you know.  Friends know and accept your ups and downs, your flaws, and your weaknesses.  Normally I won't take my air machine and use it with mixed company, even if I need it, but with this group of friends I felt more at ease.  Some of them may feel the same way with like nursing.  You feel accepted, no matter what.
      The bond of friendship is a blessing.  I am blessed by many but these ladies are on the extra special list.


  1. Someone said that if you have 5 good friends for life you are rich. I consider you among that group of rich people. You have friends for life and make new acquantences very easily some of them move to the next level. Glad you had a good time. Dad

  2. Awww, love you so much! What an honor to be on the short list. Loved spending time with all of you lovely ladies.

  3. What a fun group and it looks like a great time. Your Dad is have so many good friend for life. There is a new song out by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton...."You Can't Make Old Friends" true. You only get OLD friends through time, effort, sharing and relationship building....sometimes for years! How blessed you are, sweet girl, and how blessed we are by you! So thankful to call you my friend....hugs, Twylia

  4. "To have friends, one must show (herself) friendly." That's one of the big reasons you have such good friends. Have a great day! Joel

  5. I'm a little jealous.

  6. I can see that they are - I know they feel the same way about you!

  7. Angie, you are truly rich to have so many close friends. Robbie