Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Friends

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        I had good friends over today for a visit.  I think this caption describes them in order.. Gloria, Charity, and Rebekah.  They are friends I can count on in both the good and bad times of my life.  My spirit is always lifted by their visits.  Our lives are very different but our true bond is Christ in our lives.  I may not see them as often as I'd like but I know we are always there for each other in this life and for eternity.
        No hesitation, no limits and no changes will keep our true friendship from being the support we need from each other.  'The measure of love is to love without measures.'


  1. Thanks for a great visit today! You know I would be there more often...but I try to keep the germs away :) Loved having time to visit with you and Karla. Love you both!

  2. Your very undeserving friend thanks you for your encouragement. You are a dear and a delight to visit. (I really don't want to make that public, because even more people will be wanting to visit, crowding out my time! :) Okay, okay, I'll share you.