Tuesday, December 3, 2013

God's Patience

Deutoronomy 31:6

     Oh what a tangled web we weave when we attempt to deceive.  Sin begins in our mind and then we try to justify it with our warped thoughts.  One thing you can be sure of is God never changes, nor do His rules of right and wrong.
    I think the verse above addresses how our rationalizing thoughts are wrong.  We can think that if an immediate and visible consequence doesn't occur after we sin, then we either got away with it or God understood our side.  Wrong, that's your sinful self talking to you.  I heard a robber on tv saying he asked God to not let him get caught just one more time.  I can guarantee you that his request won't be answered. God will not let sin go unanswered.
    God sent His Son to answer for all the sin in the world.  His patience in waiting for you to accept it is indescribable.


  1. I heard a preacher - I think it was Billy Graham - talk about how a mafia guy was saved and when they asked him what he was going to do with his life now that he knew Christ, he replied that he was going to be a hit man for Christ... :)

  2. Buster and I have been looking up and discussing all the things that the Bible says are beyond our comprehension, like the peace of God, for instance. I believe that His longsuffering is incomprehensible. (I'll have to look that up!)

  3. You are so right! Sin has consequences. They may not be immediate, but they will be. We sometimes forget that in the moment, but it will come to pass. Praying I will follow His will, and not my own. Love you, T.