Friday, December 6, 2013


Christmas begins with Christ

        What does Christmas mean to you?  Is it Santa, gifts, shopping, or family gatherings?  As the caption says, 'Christmas begins with Christ.'  Everything you associate with Christmas is just nothing without the Savior's birth.
        Our culture and society does so much to take Christ out of everything.  I think it's especially offensive at Christmas time.  Sometimes when my hand is tired of typing, I am tempted to type 'X-mas' but I reject that thought and don't do it.  Christ is what it is all about.  I support the effort to say 'Merry Christmas', not 'Happy Holidays.'  Nativity scenes should be allowed anywhere, including at the government buildings.  Who is offended?  God mostly by our lack of acknowledging His greatest gift of all.
      Christmas chrIStmas cHrIStmas CHRISTMAS  [Christmas is His christmas]


  1. Well-put, Angie! Someone was telling me last week that they thought Christmas was somewhat secularized but this year they realized that everything about it is secularized in our society. I agree.

  2. Yes, Angie. I almost wish that we could take the birth of Christ to another day, not even signifying this big push toward buying as much as possible at every store possible before December 25. But knowing people as well as I do (since I'm one of them), we would likely find an excuse to secularize the new day. We must just continue to say, "Merry CHRISTmas," and follow in our own hearts the path toward righteousness and honor for our Lord.

  3. I remember that my mother used to cringe when she saw someone sign Christmas with "X-mas". I have come to learn that X is, or was, a symbol for Christ back years ago. However, I still feel that it is shortening the meaning of Christmas, and like so many other areas, TAKING Christ out of Christmas. I, for one, will continue to say and write...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love you, T.