Monday, September 2, 2013

What? 42?

Act my age

     So, I turned 42 today.  How can that be?  I don't know and I don't know how to act my age because I've never been this old before.  What is 42 supposed to feel like?
     42 to me feels... blessed, more assured in everything, filled with more mature thinking, driven with purpose, secure in my future, full of thankfulness, simpler than the past, and surrounded by generous family and friends.
     Just as our days are fleeting, so too goes the energy level.  The heart is willing but the body requires more rest and recuperation time as we get older.  I'm a good example of this but time management can help me to make the most of my days.
    Thank you to each and every one of you who have made my birthday special.  42 is off to a great start.



  2. Happy Birthday Angie!!!Thankful for how the Lord has preserved you this year and the ways He has enabled you to continue to encourage. Yay!!



  3. You surely don't look 42, so you may as well not act it, either. You enjoy every moment of life and make everyone around you enjoy it, too. Knowing you and being your friend has made my life a better one, Angie, and that's not just a birthday fable. I can honestly say that I thank God for every remembrance of you. You are a dear, dear friend. May God make every birthday a special one for you.

  4. Hope its a terrific day for you....and many more!
    debbie d.

  5. Angie, how did this get past me? Hope you had a great birthday, no thanks to me. Have a great day after too! Joel

  6. Oh happy birthday Angie! You look beautiful in this pic. Have a great 42nd year. Love, Marie

  7. You look great in this picture angie! God bless!
    I just noticed that you are just 10 years older than Eliseo who just turned 32
    on Sept 1st.
    Love and have a great day!

  8. I can't remember my own kin's birthday, so I'll wish you a late birthday. You are such a great encouragement to those of us who have to rest and recuperate more often than others. Have a great day! It sure is nice outside. grace

  9. A very merry, very very Happy Birthday, Angie. Randy and Ferdine

  10. Happy Birthday Angie!
    Aunt Nancy

  11. And what a happy day that was. We had such fun celebrating with you. Love you SO much!

  12. Ditto, Gloria! And to me 42 means YOUNG!!! That is you, dear friend....young and young-at-heart! Hope your birthday was extra special. YOU are a BLESSING to us all. So sorry I am a little late catching up....please forgive. Love you bunches, T.