Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a God Thing

john 3:16 love this verse!

    I've started a new 10 day devotional on the '10 Bible verses everyone should know.'  John 3;16 is probably the most quoted verse of the Bible. 'It is the gospel in one verse. It reveals to us salvation’s cause, its cost, its condition, and its consequence.'
   Love is a God thing.  He loved us while we were still sinners.  We love because He first loved us.  His love is unconditional, while ours is prone to leave.  There is no greater love to seek and find than God's love for you.
   Love God passionately, thoughtfully and practically.

For God . . . the greatest Lover
so loved . . . the greatest degree
the world . . . the greatest company that
He gave . . . the greatest act
His only begotten Son . . . the greatest gift
that whoever . . . the greatest opportunity
believes . . . the greatest simplicity
in Him . . . the greatest attraction
should not perish . . . the greatest promise
but . . . the greatest difference
have . . . the greatest certainty
everlasting life . . . the greatest possession


  1. No wonder most people memorize John 3:16 as their first memory verse. It has a lot in it; more than I'd thought about.

  2. Love that! Ditto, Gloria!! Love you, T.

  3. Well that explains that, the whole gospel. Good work in finding that synopsis. Dad