Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Cost

      Air is required for us to live so why is it that we just take it for granted?  We feel good and comfortable at 98 percent oxygen saturation in our blood but below 90 we can feel the desperate need for more air.  What if air was a commodity and some people could only afford 80 percent? Well it would be an uglier world because when I choked on my subway sandwich and my oxygen was 65, I was not patient or understanding at any level.
     My 'extra' air now is provided at a cost to me but my true and ultimate supplier is God.  He supplies all our needs when we need them, even if we overlook it with thanklessness.
    Air, gravity, the rising and setting of the sun, and all the forces of nature are just small examples of what He freely gives to us everyday.  Our ultimate free gift is His saving grace which we cannot buy or earn but which only Jesus paid the cost for each of us.  Is your debt paid in full, pending or accumulating?


  1. Praise God my debt is paid in full; my slavery to sin before Christ has turned into a willful and joyful slavery to my new Master. And I didn't pay for that freedom to be His slave--He paid the price for me. Hallelujah!

  2. Ditto, Gloria. I cannot EVEN imagine what air would cost. One thing for sure...I'll bet none of us would be around too long because we could not afford it. Even truer for our salvation and eternal life. So very thankful that Christ paid the price for us. Like the old gospel hymn says, "Jesus Paid It ALL"! There's not another like Him, no not one. Thank you, Jesus. Love you, sweet friend....T.

  3. Interesting thought, something I'd never considered. What if the air around us wasn't supplied by God? I think the poor would get the cheaper, polluted air while the wealthy would get the more expensive, rarefied air. And those who couldn't pay or who were on the air supplier's bad list - those would be cut off. Thanks for making me think!

  4. Angie you have the gift of writing beutiful prose and it comes so easily! the gifft of Air and Salvation- what a great comparison.
    nancy h.

  5. I wonder what we would do if God took away some of his daily gifts that we take for granite for 30 seconds, say --air, sunlight, stars, and gravity. One might give some thought as to who is in control. Dad