Friday, August 30, 2013

God Will Never Say

10 Things God Will Never Say

1. Oops.
2. What have I done?
3. How did I let that happen?
4. I made a mistake.
5. It was an accident.
6. I don't know what to do.
7. I'm afraid of what will happen now.
8. I can do better than this.
9. What do YOU think I should do?
10. Why didn't I think of that?

    I'm borrowing this list from a book but I don't like to recommend a book unless I've read it myself so we're just going to stick with the list here for now.
    God will never say the things on the list but I think we have probably all said every one of them at some point.  It's a reminder of Who does know all and who doesn't.  There is NOTHING God doesn't know of the past, present or future.  He needs no advisor or consultant.  He makes no mishaps but in everything there is purpose.
   'A few traits about ‎God to ponder: God is sovereign, ‎holy, omniscient, & immutable. These traits are perfectly balanced by His goodness, ‎grace, ‎mercy, & good will, respectively.'
   Why do we trust in ourselves so much, when we can see our faults daily?  I don't think any of us like to be around 'know it all' people but yet sometimes we are all guilty of turning a deaf ear to advice.
   I'm glad there is One who is trustworthy, knows all and always available for me to turn to.


  1. This is Wonderful!!!
    cathy d.

  2. We sometimes are just pawns in the game of life, we think we know that is best, we don't. We think we know what is right, we don't. We think we will do better the next time, we don't. We struggle and cannot get it right. I am sure God just laughs at us and thinks they never learn. It is good that we are forgiven, by a greater power. Love you Angie---Dad.

  3. Love the list! Oh, that we would not only like the list, but love and trust with our whole hearts the only One of whom that list applies. Praise God that we are able to be called justified through our Lord Jesus Christ. Justified, "just as if I'd never sinned." How can that be when we look at ourselves in our sinfulness? Only through the cross! Hallelujah!

  4. Oh, wow, and how many times have I said ALL those things! So true that God has never uttered a single one of them. The key is in trusting God in ALL circumstances....just resting in His Presence. Praying I will do that ALL the time! Great list and great post. Thanks, Angie. Love you, T.

  5. Good list. We have been studying the attributes of God in our world view lessons. This would be a good thing to read to the girls. So glad that there is One who never makes a mistake.