Monday, August 5, 2013

Be the Church

Photo: So blessed by these women today with a 'be the church' visit  
   Sunday was the 'Be the Church' project day for Cornerstone Bible Fellowship.  The goal is to show Christ-like love to different people and places around the city. Examples include fixing up the St. Joseph orphanage, visiting the people who are stuck at home alot, and more.
    I was blessed to be on the 'to visit' list.  As I was under the weather yesterday and unable to go to church, it was a good pick-me-up to be visited by Twylia, Diane and Nell.  We had about an hour of sharing and caring time together.
    Twylia also brought me this beautiful painted pot that she got me in Branson.  She filled it with everything from snack foods, lotion, hand sanitizer, kleenex and even a toy for my cats.  Oh how spoiled I am with the blessings of friends.
    May we all exhibit the 'be the church' love in our everyday lives to others and not just once a year.  Let this Sunday reminder just be a kickstart to your year of showing love to others.



  1. What a surprise when I opened up your blog today!! Loved, loved, loved our sweet visit! And you are so right..."Be the Church" needs to be every day, not just one Sunday a year. You are surely one who exhibits Christ-like love to everyone....through your actions, your words, your comments on FB, your blog topics, just your "Angie-ness"! So blessed to be a friend of yours...and so thankful to be a friend of HIS! I promise it will NOT be another year before I am back for an even longer visit. Feel better soon, sweet girl. Love you, T.

  2. What wonderful ladies you had the privilege of spending your Sunday afternoon with! And that pot! Is it as big as it looks in this picture? How did Twylia get it back home? Yes, that and something you said in yesterday's post have been real encouragements to me to think of myself second when it comes to doing what I need to do for others. Keep those reminders coming!

  3. Such sweet friends! And the pot is beautiful and it sounds like it was filled with the perfect items for you such a blessing from the lord. We are sure praying that you will feel better soon. Susan

  4. Angie, I was privileged to be apart of the prayer warriors (they call it 'the war-room). We prayed for every team leader and their various ministries, the elders, the weather, we waged war against Satan that God would thwart every one of his plans, for traveling mercies going to and from service, that God's Word would go out and accomplish all He sent it forth to do. I have been rejoicing every since, because I saw that God heard and answered our prayers. How answered prayer really does increase one's faith. May God bless you, my dear sister, and grant you a good day to enjoy. I love you, grace

  5. What a sweet blessing! Sorry you were under the weather. How are you today?