Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1 Wonderful Year


    I can't hardly believe that today marks one year that Karla has been with me as my caregiver.  Other friends have helped make my life better but as far as a consistent, daily blessing Karla has made this the best year since I moved back in 2001.  I'm happy every day she's here and there is absolutely nothing I would change.  The 'R' in Karla must stand for 'remember' because she always knows not only what I like but how I like things.  This is huge when you have to depend on someone else to do things for you.  We are so alike in our thoughts and ways that we have to be more than sisters in Christ in some way.
    They say we should praise God in the hallways of our lives.  I feel that is where I am at but it's lighted ever so brightly.  If I can't be independent nor in heaven yet, then I will dance daily in this wonderful hallway with Karla.
    God's timing was perfect in bringing her here.  Sure I could say I wish it had been 9 years earlier but it's only my selfishness to think I needed Karla more than her previous family.  God knows where we all need to be and when.  I will just cherish this past year and the days to come.
    Karla is love and is loved.  What a blessing!


  1. What a blessing you have in Karla, she is great. I hope she is around to take care of me when the time comes. love you -- Dad.

  2. All I can say is AMEN and AMEN! Karla, we all love and appreciate you so much, because we love Angie so much. Thank God for special favors!

  3. What a sweet tribute to your precious caregiver, Angie. And I know she says the same about you, because I have read what she wrote on FB. You are both so blessed. God knows our every need and exactly when we need it. The best "things" in life are worth waiting for! So glad Karla came at the perfect time. Much love....T.

  4. Only God put you two together. She is so nice and even on the phone it is pleasant to get to talk to her! I guess "you were meant for each other!" expressing your gratitude is so encouraging to her also I imagine.
    nancy h.

  5. Isn't God's timing always perfect! What a joy it is to share in your joy. I have so many sleepless nights (from none-at-all to 4-6 hours per night), but that is spent in sweet fellowship with My Heavenly Father and His Son, My Savior. I pray, quote Scripture (and He shows me so many things during that time that would never have entered my mind during the day), then I break out into song (since I don't have to worry about disturbing another sleeping person). After that, I'm so revved up, that sleep absolutely escapes me. Last night I got so hungry from all the action, I was up eating chips and Sorita's homemade salsa at 2:00 a.m.
    I now understand how my Dad spent his nights. What a blessing!! Much love to you, sweetheart, grace

  6. I love this post...I love that Karla and her wonderful care and friendship for you. You tell her she blesses us all by blessing you!